Our History

Crabman 305 is hidden gem of Miami in the heart of the Opa Locka Neighborhood. Crabman started making seafood with his famous recipe from his house a few years back, and from word of mouth and instagram alone he was able to expand to a takeout only storefront in the neighborhood he grew up in.

Crabman uses the freshest locally bought seafood on a wholesale scale, and his famous sauce is a delicious blend of butter, garlic, parsley and secret seasonings. Just imagine the best garlic butter sauce to smother your crab or lobster with. He puts that sauce on everything. From fresh shrimp in the skillet, to lobster tails on top of his “crab rice.”

Which is yellow rice with a little Louisiana flavoring along with healthy amount of crab chunks. Crabman follows up his combo meals with corn on the cob and potatoes. A fresh complete meal for under 20$ prepared for you in a Styrofoam box. It is takeout only with a tiny bench to order located inside the storefront. So be prepared to know where you will be eating, because your mouth will be watering the second you walk in and smell the garlic and fresh seafood.

The crabs he offers are fresh snow crabs and rock crabs. He also serves fried conch and chicken wings for those who like a more basic fair. Don’t forget to ask if you want your seafood fried. The Crabman will be more than happy to fry up your shrimp or even your lobster tail for you if you ask! For the price and quality, he simply cannot be beat. Fresh seafood, delicious sides, and THAT SAUCE! Crabman305 has something going for him, and if he keeps it up he will be able to expand even more.

He boasts the best seafood in Miami because it truly is some of the tastiest we have tried in the area. After eating his food it is hard to believe he started from such humble beginnings, it seemed to good to be true. At the same time I can see why people kept coming back for more because it WAS SO GOD DAMN GOOD.


Our Mission

Is to be the best Seafood Restaurant in Miami, offering the highest level of customer service and great tasting seafood at an affordable cost.